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Melbourne's first...
The profits of this fabulous "Lots Of Fins Aquarium" shop in Narre Warren rescues orphans, free slaves & bring love, hope & a future to many lives around
the world! PLEASE VISIT  to see our projects & how YOU can help even more!!!

New Life Spektrum Specialist
Lots Of Fins Aquarium
Narre Warren
neqw life spectrum at lots of fins aquariumneqw life spectrum at lots of fins aquarium
New Life Spectrum at
Lots Of Fins Aquarium
FULL range now available!
Beautiful Natural Colours

Four all-natural colour-enhancing ingredients.

High Quality Ingredients

We use best quality krill and herring rather than cheaper fishmeals. See our video - even finicky fish take enthusiastically to New Life Spectrum.

Balanced Diet

An exclusive diet of New Life Spectrum provides your fish with all the nutrients they require.

Micro-granules to Jumbo Pellets, Gel to Cell foods

Increased density compared to flake foods ensures sufficient nutrients for vigorous growth and health.

Formulas to suit every fish

Specialist ranges for tropical freshwatermarine, and goldfish and koi.

lots of fins aquarium spectrum foodlots of fins aquarium spectrum food







lots of fins aquarium stocking new life spectrum food
lots of fins aquarium stocking new life spectrum food

HUGE range in store now. here's just a few...
Red sea, Juwel, Aquaone, Aquael, API, Nutrafin, Tetra, HD prime, Aquazonic, Fluval, New Life Spectrum, Vitalis

Goldfish, catfish, tropical fish, marine fish, corals, Fighters, bettas, Dwarf gourami, tetras, rasboras, rainbow fish, cichlids, platies, mollies, barbs, mollys, sharks, live bearers,