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Melbourne's first...
The profits of this fabulous "Lots Of Fins Aquarium" shop in Narre Warren rescues orphans, free slaves & bring love, hope & a future to many lives around
the world! PLEASE VISIT  to see our projects & how YOU can help even more!!!

Lots Of Fins Aquarium offers a tank setup, maintenance & servicing program . . .

Call us today for a quote as a "once off" or regular aquarium maintenace program that will take all the fuss & work out of keeping your aquarium clean & healthy.

Aquarium servicing made easy!

South & south east Melbourne Aquarium maintenance & servicing!

Aquarium Maintenace

Aquarium tank service

Aquarium instalation

Aquarium sales & servicing


HUGE range in store now. here's just a few...
Red sea, Juwel, Aquaone, Aquael, API, Nutrafin, Tetra, HD prime, Aquazonic, Fluval, New Life Spectrum, Vitalis

Goldfish, catfish, tropical fish, marine fish, corals, Fighters, bettas, Dwarf gourami, tetras, rasboras, rainbow fish, cichlids, platies, mollies, barbs, mollys, sharks, live bearers,